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poems from Mendocino
by Virginia Barrett

from the OPENING MESSAGE by the author:

Written mostly in a few weeks during a great outpouring of discovery, longing, and joy, these poems embrace a numinous essence of the Northern California coast I had only caught glimpses of before. Or, perhaps more clearly stated, they explore a spiritual blossoming in myself, urged to open under the careful tending and enchantment of Mendocino: the ocean, trees, birds, flowers, fog . . . and of course, the town itself. I was reading, too — devouring really — mystic poetry, most of it new to me, and this guided my ramblings, steered my way of looking at the landscape, the town, and my Being in it. I was infused, like the fourteenth-century Indian poet Lalla, with the desire for a divine communion hidden within me, to which she and other poets sang,
I suddenly woke inside myself
like a lotus opening
in waterweeds.

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RADIANCE includes 12 original illustrations by the author reproduced in black & white

RADIANCE-poems from Mendocino by Virginia Barrett
published by Jambu Press-Studio Saraswati
San Francisco, California, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9824673-5-0
Library of Congress Catalogue Number: 2011906026
Paperback. 84pp.

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