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A Healing Journey to Zimbabwe
by Virginia Barrett

The mbira is a sacred instrument of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. Barrett, an American poet and artist, traveled to Zimbabwe in 2002 and 2004 to study mbira with master musicians.

In this intimate and compassionate travel memoir, Barrett relives the months spent with these musicians and their families during dire times. What she ultimately learns and experiences extends well beyond the realm of music, venturing into the depths of conflict, love, and survival. What Barrett most poignantly shares with us, however, is the healing wisdom her teachers impart and the sublime beauty they weave through her soul.

A lively, compelling journey for all readers, not just those interested in Shona music.

A portion of the proceeds go to help orphans and musicians in Zimbabwe.

Read an excerpt from Mbira Maker Blues

Mbira Maker Blues published by Studio Saraswati,
San Francisco, California, 2010
Library of Congress Control Number: 2009913689
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824673-1-2
Paperback, 516pp.

$17.00 each
plus shipping and handling.